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Sigmun - "Aerial Chateau" 8" single

Image of Sigmun - "Aerial Chateau" 8" single


Sigmun's single, "Aerial Chateau", on 8" (eight inch) lathed record.

Side A - "Aerial Chateau"
Side B - "Ring of Saturn"

Each comes in different color selected individually.
Hand numbered.
Download code inside.

Available in only 5 copies.

#1 : Green
#2 : White
#3 : Blue
#4 : Red
#5 : Purple

Produced by Sigmun
Written and performed by Sigmun
Engineered by Aditya Radiansyah

Sleeve and insert artwork by Wahyu Wibawa Amikarsa
Layout by Anindito Ariwandono
Hand cut in Minneapolis
Hand folded cover

Out on April 20th 2013

Sold Out